check this out!! that's interesting..

hey guys, This is an interesting game. try it, y'all


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I got a score of TOEIC

I got a score of TOEIC
I bed that has nothing to do with english as I sad before.

that's it, today.


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curtain call

hey what's happening guys
I've not written Blog for long time.

I bought a CD yesterday. that's "EMINEM CARTAIN CALL"
Actually,I used to dislike him without any reason.

But this time,the reason that I bought it is that I realized his lyrics are awesome!!!
I don'wanna hear these in a nightclub,though.

when I listen his lyrics,I feel as if I get brainwashed.

I love "hip hop". that's different from like EMINEM.
but I also like B.E.P.and EMINEM as the music I listen to them alone in my place.

How do you think guys? there are tons of music we don' know yet.
Open Mind!! Listen Up!! Make Ourself Originally!!



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やがて哀しき外国語 村上春樹


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