Messed somebody up like hokky...

how you doin',guys?

How do you think about Canadian?
They are calm?


They are hot-blooded!!more

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the rest of my time is 3 months..

It's about december...
I recognized that I didn't have a lot of time...
what should i do first.

My English is still brutal.

I feel a lil blue.

Anyone Cheers me up.


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presentation,,,It's a bitch.

hey guys, what's up?

it's 4 o'clock in the morning.
I've done my homework for my presentation till now.
this time's topic is "sports"

I decided to exprain about SUMO.
so I 've gone into about that.

and then,I thought..

it's a tough work.
I cannot present that even in Japanese.
there are many traditional words that have deep background.

In english..
It's almost impossible!!

anybudy help me.

this is just my complaint. Don't worry.. hu..



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Something in common between Dance and Architecture

How the goin' buddy.

I have not done any physical exercise in these days,even dance.
I guess I put on just a lil bit of weight.
I gotta go to a dance lesson.

最近、体うごかしてないなぁ ダンスですらしてない、、、

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