even though I took TOEIC....

hey, what's up y'all?

I'm on today.
I took a test,TOEIC,in a while ago.
actually,I don' know how many I would get score..
Idon' think it's over 500. I sucks...

But..listen up.
I bet you it's not sour grapes.
TOEIC has almost nothing to do with English as language.
It means that:people who speak english as first language can get high score.
Of course.
But not all people who have high score of TOEIC could speak English as lunguage.
they know English as knowledge,though.

That's what I wanna say:It's different between language and study in English.

Only Asian care about the score TOEIC. TOEIC isn't common in the world.
Because we don'really know english.

anyway,I need to study harder.

Take it easy,y'all.


Would anybody trancerate this to Japanese? I'm fed up with doing.

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I'm so sad...

hey guys.

you know what.
I saw news a few days ago that a child were killed by a peruvian.

that's a brutal murder case.
of cause the criminal is definitelly bad.

but why he killed her? because of an alien??

that's such a bullshit. Ridicurous. What the hell...

Don't think as if alien wouldn't be like as japanese.

That's stupid thing,you know?

Don't close your mind ever!!

Peace, Love y'all.


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Messed somebody up like hokky...

how you doin',guys?

How do you think about Canadian?
They are calm?


They are hot-blooded!!more

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the rest of my time is 3 months..

It's about december...
I recognized that I didn't have a lot of time...
what should i do first.

My English is still brutal.

I feel a lil blue.

Anyone Cheers me up.


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