The thing I can do today for tomorrow.

7c0b0a7d.jpgwhat's up, buddy?

I've been montreal,qubec,and Ottawa in this weekend.
that was awesome. we didn't have enough time to see many thing,though.

we who are me,Italian,brazilian,korian,and mexican went togather there.
The trip was such a hard schedule cause we had to go and look around three main place in this trip. It was like a tour.

Idon wanna write down a episode of this one cause of too long.
But There is just one thing I wanna do.
it's my impression of war museum in Canada.

This is a URL of the place.

The museum is settled between on and under the field.
And it is used threeor four material that's steel,concrete,and stuff like that.

I thought a architect who drew the edifice wanted people who come there to remind where is a position of war in theirs mind.
It means War is easy to forget....

acutually Idon'know exactly.
but I was lucky cause i could go there with others country people.

Don't forget what we,not exactly though,did


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hey. how the goin'?

I've not written any blog in these days cause I was so busy.

yesterday,I went a halloween party with some guys.
It was in huge nightclub that has 4 huge floors.
It was fun. but that's not athing i wanna say.

I went shopping to buy a costume before going there.
It was so much fun.
looking aroud,trying it on,and looking other people who wear funny costume...

I realized that it's fun that the time we prepare costume for Halloween.
same as "MATSURI"

when I've joined "GION" in my neighbourhood,It was so fun to train how to beat a drum. I like the party's day as well,though.

anyway,I'm a lil' tired today,but I gotta go to work after 1hour later.

Take it easy,buddy.


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Hey.. buddy,what's up?

I want to dance.

Actually, I 've been dance class in here just one time.
Just one.... Because it was not good for me.
I mean It was not my genre. I took juzz class,also hard one...
Since then I've not taken it,yet.
But it's bad, i think

So I went to look for school to comunity center today.
And I looked at one for youth. I had great expectation.

It's opened every wednesday. I gotta go!!.....but
This wednesday,I'm gonna work. Damn..

It's ok next week. I'll go,definitely.
oh!! before that,I have to exercise for abdominal muscles....


Ciao Ciao


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OHL(Ontario Hockey League)

Hey. How the going?

I went to see a hockey game between Majors and another team.
That's not NHL. that is a kind of second league of NHL.
this was the first time I went,so I was excited.

It was awesome!! I've never expected like that.
It's so speedy and powerful.

And,meanwhile,I noticed how much popular Hockey is in canada.
Even though it's not NHL,there are many funs.
That's the most important thing for professional.I think.

in these days there are some problems among japan baseball league.
I suggest they should develop Second league.
Who go to games in Second league in Japan!!
That's the ploblem.

I don't know exactly what ploblem is,but...

I like "Daie" Hawks.
that's the reason where hawks is.

Anyway,It's getting cold in canada.
I hope This winter is warmer.

take care of yourself,cause There's some cold going around at the moment.
Chao chao


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