Hey.. buddy,what's up?

I want to dance.

Actually, I 've been dance class in here just one time.
Just one.... Because it was not good for me.
I mean It was not my genre. I took juzz class,also hard one...
Since then I've not taken it,yet.
But it's bad, i think

So I went to look for school to comunity center today.
And I looked at one for youth. I had great expectation.

It's opened every wednesday. I gotta go!!.....but
This wednesday,I'm gonna work. Damn..

It's ok next week. I'll go,definitely.
oh!! before that,I have to exercise for abdominal muscles....


Ciao Ciao


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OHL(Ontario Hockey League)

Hey. How the going?

I went to see a hockey game between Majors and another team.
That's not NHL. that is a kind of second league of NHL.
this was the first time I went,so I was excited.

It was awesome!! I've never expected like that.
It's so speedy and powerful.

And,meanwhile,I noticed how much popular Hockey is in canada.
Even though it's not NHL,there are many funs.
That's the most important thing for professional.I think.

in these days there are some problems among japan baseball league.
I suggest they should develop Second league.
Who go to games in Second league in Japan!!
That's the ploblem.

I don't know exactly what ploblem is,but...

I like "Daie" Hawks.
that's the reason where hawks is.

Anyway,It's getting cold in canada.
I hope This winter is warmer.

take care of yourself,cause There's some cold going around at the moment.
Chao chao


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hey what's up?

I have a worry now.
I'm working in Itarian restrant as kitchen helper.
Actually,chefs are not Itarian or Canadian but Srilankan and Bangladeshi.
I don' care which country they are from,but one thing,,,
when we are closing the kitchen,I was washing a sink.
he was also washing fridge and changing cases.
and he droped dirty cases on the sink!!!!!!
"that's where I already washed!! F**k off!!"(in my mind)
I knowI have to wash all stuff cause i'm kitchen helper,but he should care of what i do, right!?
He is kind and calm,so he doesn't have any malice.
So, i thought that's a difference among countries.

We,japanese ,are pretty cooperative,I think.
So I can't help worrying about this circumstance.

If we,chefs and me,do more cooperative,I can finish closing,though...

I"ll try to teach What cooperation is!!

It's difficult to explain this gloomy feeling in English.
Anyway Igotta go work tomorrow,too.
My gloominess is continued...

have a good one,and Good night.

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Canadian Comedy (C.C.)

Hey guys!! HOw the goin'?

actually,I was sick,and that pretty bad.
But that's almost fine now.

Yesterday, me and my friends went a bar to see that our teacher who is a kind of comedian showed his comedy.
In english... It's hardly possible for me to understand that one,even though It's hard to figure out normal English.
But as far as I looked around me,he made audience lough.
I gave a bitter smile,though.

and today,I finally got his comedy after he explained that in his class.

I thought in the case of japanese comedy, nobady except japanese figure out "WARAI"

I'll try to chenge a Bitter smile to real laughter.

by the way,could anybody write my introduction?
Only me don' have any introduction,I think.

Anyway, you guys Take care of yourself cause It's gonna be cold.

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